On arrival of the clinic you will be required to fill out an initial patient information sheet regarding contact details etc. Please allow 5 minutes before your initial consultation to fill out paper work.
If you have had any scans/ x-rays, surgeon or doctors referral letters that relate to your pathology please bring them in so a copy can be recorded into your patient file. This streamlines your consultation allowing Lauren to spend more time treating and  getting to the root of your pathology effectively.


Please were loose comfortable clothing, If you are not comfortable standing in your underwear please bring or wear shorts to your consultation this relates to patients having pelvic/hip and leg pathologies.

If you have a running injury please bring in associated footwear along with any orthotics.

Lauren likes to get in as much hands on treatment in a session as possible, so a brief discussion on past history, current pathology, medications, aggravating and easing factors will be discussed and continued throughout the session. Lauren will carry out an inspection of the area of concern, assessing range of motion, muscular strength and weaknesses, biomechanics, neurovascular testing, stability testing and palpation. Lauren will then decide on the best treatment pathway which may involve a number of techniques including but not limiting to –

Myofascial Release
Dry Needling
Soft Tissue Treatment
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching
Functional Fascial Taping
Do expect to be a bit sore 1-2 days after your initial consultation as the soft tissue structures adjust and relax into their new resting state. In the majority of cases using heat in the form of a hot pack, warm bath or gentle stretching in the shower can help with the muscular soreness. If you are in the acute inflammatory stage of injury or have been experiencing sharp shooting neural pain ice is recommended following treatment. Lauren will discuss these options with you at the end of your consultation.

Lauren recommends that you hydrate after treatment, removing any toxins in the body.

Stretches and take home exercises may be prescribed to benefit your treatment outcome and prevention of re-occurrence.